single-tasking minimalism

Dad and I love to play a game or four of Bananagrams every so often and whenever I do, I feel a calm wash over me, occasionally jeopardised by Dad’s tantrums, but mostly not. When you’re playing you can’t think about anything else, your attention is entirely focused on the challenge at hand – you’re single-tasking. And it’s wonderful.

I made a comment about this to Dad, and he pointed at me – something he berates anyone else for doing, “don’t point you’re finger at me” is an oft-used phrase of his – and said, “that’s your next blog.” And here we are.

Multi-tasking is considered an asset in today’s busy world, and you don’t have to be a genius to understand why. You’ll be hard pressed to find a resume these days that doesn’t include something like “strong ability to successfully balance multiple priorities” under the candidate’s skills, and that’s fair enough.

But is being a multi-tasker 24/7 to our betterment or detriment?

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