When you gaze out at the endless blue of the Ocean, it’s hard to believe that anything we do can impact this mighty ecosystem. Taking up 70% of the Earth’s surface and home to hundreds of thousands of species, from our planet’s largest, the blue whale, to some of its smallest, like zooplankton; the Ocean holds many mysteries under its surface.

One thing’s for sure though, humans, despite our relatively puny ranking on the animal size scale, are unwittingly (I hope) decimating our incredible, life-giving oceans. I know many find that hard to believe, but between overfishing, plastic pollution and climate change, our oceans are under attack like never before; and these are man-made problems.

The good news – if the problems were caused by us, they can be fixed by us; in conjunction with the amazing vitality of the Ocean and its inhabitants’ ability to bounce back when they no longer have to play defence.

Still not convinced? Or would you like to know more about the Ocean’s (and henceĀ our) predicament?

Check out these three documentaries.

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