Ok – so last Tuesday I promised to post daily blogs during Fashion Revolution week. Tuesday has now rolled around again. Eeek! Dropped the ball on that one – sorry! I blame my dad for questioning my devotion to The Bridge. Totally unrelated but it’s a killer Danish-Swedish crime series – get on to it if you haven’t already had the privilege. So I succumbed to bingeing on that rather than blogging. We all have our weaknesses. 🙊

Now, back to Fast Fashion.

As the fashion designer, Orsola de Castro says, “clothes… they are our chosen skin” and that makes them a powerful consumer choice for us, although I’m sure most of us don’t think of it like that. Nor do we think of the clothes’ life cycle before hanging on that sales rack ready for us to “grab a bargain” – something that seems to be readily available in this era of weekly fashion seasons. The fashion industry farewelled the traditional four season year a long time ago.

But why and how has fashion evolved, or rather degenerated, to this and what is its impact on the environment and society?

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