When I decided to start a blog titled The Ocean and Me, I worried that people would judge me unworthy of the name. I’m not a surfer, a diver or a sailor. To be frank, I questioned it myself and got a little worked up with the inner dialogue I’d started in my mind. Then I realised that the ocean doesn’t belong to any one group of people. It is a magical, mysterious, awe-inspiring ecosystem that would be thriving without anyone laying claim to it or abusing it like many humans do.

The premise of this blog is to inspire humans to live in harmony with the ocean, and all of nature, as much as possible and to have a reverence for all elements of our beautiful planet. And no one owns that concept. I dream of a world where every human being embraces that intention.

With that in mind, I’d love to share with you 5 unforgettable moments I’ve shared with the ocean.

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