I’m sure we’re all guilty of having started a sentence with, “I could never…”. How many times have you said this and later had to eat your words? If we want to live a life that embraces new experiences I think this phrase should be eliminated from our vocabulary. Although, even as I was typing that last sentence I felt like a hypocrite because there are plenty of ways I could end that phrase and be totally convinced that I will go to my grave having never done **insert appropriate activity here**. 😂😂😂

The past 5 years of my life have been incredible. I’ve travelled to over 50 countries (I know this isn’t environmentally sustainable but you can read more about more thoughts on this here), made friends from different corners of the globe, learnt a new language and lived in another country. But the most personally rewarding (and surprising) shift in my life has been moving to a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle and discovering “zero waste”.

As most of you already know, there are loads of habits we can adopt to reduce our waste. In the realm of zero-waste living in a society that loves disposables the possibilities are almost endless. Here are the top 7 changes I’ve made that my 25-year-old self (and yep, that’s her above with the horrified face and the plastic water bottle in hand) would’ve said, “I could never…”:

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single-tasking minimalism

Dad and I love to play a game or four of Bananagrams every so often and whenever I do, I feel a calm wash over me, occasionally jeopardised by Dad's tantrums,…