Walk The Earth Challenge

Over 10 years, between my 30th and 40th birthdays, I will walk the distance of the earth’s circumference (40,075 km) and pick up one piece of rubbish for every 100m travelled.


My love of traipsing through nature and a desire to reduce the copious amounts of single-use plastic used around the world (that far too often end up in our oceans!) inspired me to take action and create the Walk The Earth Challenge.

This way I’ll be walking the talk, literally, and hoping others are heartened to do so as well.

The day I reach the big 3-0 (23 March 2017), I will kickoff this 10-year epic challenge – to walk 40,075km; the distance of the earth’s circumference. That’s an average of 10.97km per day – and to add to the adventure I’m going to pick up rubbish along the way!

Rules of the challenge:

  • An average 10 pieces of rubbish to be collected for each kilometre walked – that’s one piece of rubbish every 100m!
  • Distance to be walked either through incidental walking or hiking/exercising in nature (i.e. kilometres on treadmill are a no-no)
  • Distances and pieces of rubbish to be recorded on the Challenge Tally page of the website
  • Responsibly sort the rubbish and recycle it whenever possible

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