Hi! I’m Georgia, the author of The Ocean and Me – welcome!

The Ocean and Me merges a love of travel with my desire to tread lightly on our planet and reduce plastic pollution in our oceans. From this union, I’ve created and committed myself to the Walk The Earth Challenge – an opportunity to experience our beautiful world on foot whilst contributing to a cleaner planet along the way.

My interest in travel blossomed into a full-blown love affair in 2012 when I visited 27 countries over 10 months, spanning 4 continents. From then on I have spent more time away from my home in Sydney, Australia than in it. I have been lucky enough to witness some of the most stunning natural beauty in this world – including the Salt Flats in Bolivia, the Alps in Courmayeur, Italy and the crystal-blue seas of the Riviera Maya in Mexico, each of which gave me an enduring reverence for the natural world.

During my travels I fostered an appreciation for our planet’s raw beauty but my ‘eco-journey’ truly began in late-2014. I stumbled upon a PETA magazine about vegetarianism and factory-farming in a smoothie bar in NYC, which sparked further investigations into the environmental problems humanity has created on Earth.

My research quickly led me to discover the incredible quantity of plastic pollution in our oceans and its devastating effects on marine life and the ecosystem in its entirety. Did you know that an estimated 8 million tonnes of plastic gets released in to the ocean each year? Or that over 100,000 mammal marine animals and millions of fish are killed by plastic pollution annually?¹ I sure didn’t until very recently! But I’m convinced that if people knew they’d want to do something about it. And right there is the motivation behind this blog and the challenge – to spread awareness and show the small daily changes I’m making to reduce my impact and how you can too!

The Ocean and Me will share with the world my adventures as I walk the distance of the earth, picking up plastic as I go, collecting travel stories, imparting insights into the practicalities and joys of living a low-waste lifestyle and the impact plastic waste is really having on our earth and the ocean.

Let’s leave only footprints.


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