I give up…. But I’m still going to strive to solve the impossible

On my 30th birthday earlier this year I made a decision; it was two-fold.

  1. To actively live a life I believe in, one that positively contributes to a brighter future for the planet and all living beings.
  2. To share my journey via this blog. And test myself by creating the Walk The Earth Challenge.

It’s now 8-months on and I give up.

Not on all of it. God no. For the most part I remain more committed and motivated than ever to inspire positive change in myself and others. But the Walk the Earth Challenge has been binned. Which is kinda ironic as a chunk of the challenge was to pick up 110-pieces of rubbish a day and now the challenge itself has joined the heap.

Here are the whys.

Firstly, walking 11 kilometres a day and picking up 110 pieces of rubbish at the same time takes about 3-hours a day! And when I missed a day or two, the lost kilometres and piles of rubbish uncollected became really daunting, really quickly.

Secondly, I’m living in Mexico at the moment and quite possibly chose one of the worst climates in the world to try and walk 11km outside each day. 35-40 degree Celsius days with 90% humidity is no fun to walk in.

I could keep going with the various excuses that have lead to this decision, but I’ll wrap it up with the most significant to me.

Picking up rubbish is a fantastic way to contribute to a cleaner planet, and I will always be an avid supporter and participant of the Take 3 movement. However I would much prefer to concentrate those 3-hours a day in a way that inspires a change of habits in individuals and in activism that pushes change at a corporate and governmental level to prevent trash (especially the plastic variety) being created in the first place.

After 200 days, almost 2,000km walked and 10,579 pieces of rubbish collected (255 of which were recyclable) I’m saying goodbye to my overly ambitious decade-long crazy challenge… and hello to a renewed focus on inspiring a lifestyle in harmony with planet and the living beings with whom we share our home.

So while I strive to live each day more and more harmoniously with our planet and fellow earthlings, I will continue to share my discoveries, tips and musings here, on The Ocean and Me, utterly devoted and actively committed to the worldwide movement to solve the seemingly impossible!

“…the solution to an impossible problem is to find the impossible answer and I believe that that can be done through a combination of passion, courage and imagination.”

Paul Watson, Founder of Sea Shepherd, Eat For The Planet podcast

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2 thoughts on “I give up…. But I’m still going to strive to solve the impossible”

  • Good on you Georgia. I always thought that, worthy as it was, with your talents, resourcefulness and commitment, you could hugely magnify the positive effects by working on big picture to cause big changes in many individuals, corporates and governments. I continue to pick up plastic bottles from gutters (pretty much daily) and, thanks to you, no longer feel a bit weird about it 😏 Good on you, it’s a wonderful venture. XxX

    • Thank you, Carmel! That’s so nice of you to say, and have finally reached that conclusion myself. 🙈 Haha. I love hearing that you pick up plastic bottles! Let’s see how I can focus my efforts more productively in the future! I hope you and the family are well. xxx


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