Mother’s Day gift inspiration that won’t cost the Earth

As another commercialised holiday approaches; and they always seem to creep up on us sooner than we expect; many of us end up doing a last-minute dash to a shopping centre and buy something just so we have a present to hand over to our beloved mother on her day of days. It’s what we’re expected to do. It’s certainly how the corporations (motive: profit) and governments (motive: GDP) want us to act as well.

But is that really the best way we can demonstrate how much we love and appreciate our mums for all they have done and continue to do for us?

I’m daring to suggest that maybe it’s not. We can lavish our mums sans the stuff.

Here are 3 gift ideas that are friendly to the planet, your wallet and thoughtful AF.

Share An Experience

A lot of the time our mums just want to spend time with their kids. For many of us, once we hit adolescence we began to distance ourselves from our parents. Then adulthood arrived, and now we have our own busy lives and mum often gets put pretty low down on the priority list because we know she’ll always be there for us and love us no matter what. Well how about dedicating a whole day of your precious time in your super busy life to chill with mum?

Here are a few ideas of what you could do together:

  • Have a picnic. Be in nature with delicious food and just chat.
  • Go for a hike (or bush walk, if you’re Aussie like me). There are so many beautiful areas in this world that we have yet to explore, I bet you can find a new place in nature that’s not too far from home.
  • Be a tourist in your hometown. Visit the famous landmarks of your city. Check out a museum or two (there tend to be free options in most major cities).
  • Find an event happening locally to attend that would interest both of you

The common denominator here is that it’s an opportunity to catch up on one another’s life and reminisce. About that time your mum drove from Sydney to Queensland with you and your little brothers and Chumbawumba’s Tubthumping (I Get Knocked Down) on repeat. Or that time Dad spat the dummy because I cheated when he brought a new CD home and we were supposed to guess the artist. Or how cute your little brother was dancing to Sex Bomb by Tom Jones at 3 years old. **insert your own childhood memories here**. You get the drill.

Tick Something Off Your Mum’s To-Do List

If your mum is anything like mine, she will have talked about something for ages that needs to get done but hasn’t happened yet, for one reason or another. Maybe the storage room needs a tidy, the car needs a wash – or the dog, maybe she’s wanted to move that heavy piece of furniture that she can’t do on her own. Whatever it is, if you action that for her, it’ll be one less thing for her to think about, and, more importantly, it shows that you listen to her.

Make Your Mum (or heck, the entire family) a meal

Now I know I’m buying into stereotypes big time here, but more often than not it’s mum who’s always cooking for us and not vice versa. Why don’t you switch it up this Mother’s Day? It’s always lovely to go to a restaurant but it might be nice to show your mum that she’s raised a fully-functional adult who can make more than a reservation. Choose some of your mum’s favourite dishes – try and do a practice run first so you’re mum doesn’t have to feign delight whilst choking down your inedible creation – and cook up a storm. Make sure not to leave your mum (or dad) with the “gift” of cleaning up afterwards though!

Many people bemoan the commercialisation of various dates on our calendar such as Mother’s Day, but it’s up to us how we interpret the day and its meaning. For me, I like them. Mother’s Day reminds me to demonstrate the unconditional love and gratitude I have for my kind, generous, funny mum.

I love you, mum. xxx


Do you have any other gift ideas (minus the stuff) for our mums? Please share them below. xx


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