Why am I doing this crazy challenge?

You know what? An ex-boyfriend once told me that my priorities go like this: The Planet. Me. Him. I vehemently disagreed (especially as I was living in Mexico at the time to be with him), but now that I think back, there may have been a grain of truth to it. After all, here I am making a 10-year commitment to our Planet Earth, a commitment that I couldn’t make to him.

Plenty of people who know me well will tell you that I’m impetuous and make crazy life-changing decisions just like that.

That’s certainly true. And I’ll be honest, my track record for sticking to a decision is shaky at best.

But this feels different. I’m energised and inspired; there’s fear there too, of course, but it’s overcome, most of the time by the positive vibes and constant flux of ideas running through my head about how I can make this work.

And what is this? I’ve coined it Walk The Earth Challenge, because that’s pretty much what I’m going to do. Over the next 10 years I want to walk the distance of the circumference of the earth – 40,075km – and pick up rubbish as I go. One piece of trash for every 100m – 400,750 pieces over the 10 years.  For more details about the challenge and the rules I’ve given myself, click here.

The idea of “walking the earth” has been floating around my brain for a while. Originally I wanted it to be purely about travel and walking many of the amazing trails around the world. It’s still about that – I hope to share so many amazing parts of our world on this blog – but now it’s also much more.

I want to live a life that aligns with my beliefs and passions, which very much include raising awareness about plastic pollution and the joys and immense satisfaction of living a low-waste lifestyle. I want to show people how empowering it is to make choices within your control that foster our planet’s health rather than hinder it. This challenge is about doing my bit to create a brighter tomorrow, and if I inspire only one person to reduce their personal plastic impact through this blog and challenge – then I’ll be happy.

This challenge (even before it’s begun!) has given my life a purpose that I’ve been searching for and that, well, it fills me with a deep sense of contentment.

– Georgia xxx

Tell me – do you think this is mad? Have you every committed yourself to a challenge and had no idea how it’d pan out? What happened? I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

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