Or maybe not yet, but its days are numbered.

I opened The Guardian app a couple of days ago and clicked on an article that addressed Boris Johnson’s “recent criticism of young voters who feel an allegiance to Europe.” Boris Johnson, for those of you who don’t know, is a British politician. One that apparently thinks that allegiance to your home country and your continent are mutually exclusive – what hogwash.

Reading the article made my blood boil – and although this post may seem out of place on my plastic-free, low-waste lifestyle blog (they’re not actually as far removed as you may think and I’ll touch on that later), but for lack of a better forum I want to share my views on this whole “patriotism” business here.  You may agree or you may vehemently disagree, either way I hope this makes you think about the matter a little further than if you hadn’t found yourself reading this. 

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